Saturday, January 24, 2015

Smart Notebook...on the iPad?

I love SMART Notebook!  I've been a fan ever since I got a SMART Board in my classroom (about 7 years, has it really been that long?)  The software is so powerful and has so much included from animations and the activity builder to interactive activities and the gallery...I could go on for days. 

So I got really excited when SMART released the Notebook app.

 And then I tried to use it... It didn't have nearly the functionality the computer version had, plus, I wasn't able to use any of the SMART Notebook files I had already created on it.  Big bummer, since I had spent so much time making Notebook files to use for my classes.

So imagine my delight when I can use Dropbox!

Yes, that's right.  Open your Notebook files on your computer and save them to Dropbox.  Then, open Dropbox on your iPad and choose your file.  Your iPad won't be able to open the file, but then you choose 'Open In' and select Notebook.

Now, obviously the iPad is much more limited than your computer when it comes to functionality.  It won't do the cool animations (like your titles sliding in or pictures flipping around) and it won't do the totally awesome interactive activities that require flash (like popping balloons or the soccer game where you guess the letters).  But the meat and potatoes of your lesson is all there.  The double bonus is that everyone with an iPad an interact and do stuff in real time on their own devices.  No waiting for turns at the SMARTBoard.  No kids losing interest because they don't have something to do.

Why would you ever want this? Do you ever have students who are absent?  Do they need to complete a lesson before working on an activity, but you don't want the SMARTBoard on, distracting students working on the activity?  Do you ever have students who just don't get it and need remediation on a topic before they are able to move on?  Do you have advanced students who are ready to go on to something new before everyone else (and can complete work independently)? 

I know what you're thinking - how do I know what they did?  Well, the kids can EMAIL you the assignment they complete on the iPad and you can see everything they did to the Notebook slides.  Or, they can save the file they were working on in Dropbox and you can look at it there.  Your choice.

I think it is so cool!  Really!  One of my biggest complaints from teachers is that only one student is really physically using the SMARTBoard at one time, so how do you keep everyone else engaged?  This way!

Has anyone else ever used Notebook on the iPad?  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Scoop - plus a giveaway!

Good Sunday evening to you all!  I hope you are resting, relaxing, and planning on sleeping in tomorrow (assuming your schools are closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. day:))

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!

I am presenting to the staff about using Animoto in class, so I need to get my examples together!  Has anyone used Animoto in class before?
My laundry is piling up faster than I can wash it.  I'm hoping  I can finish it up tomorrow!!!
I've been working on a problem solving project, and I just need to put the finishing touches on it, but every time I open it up, I find something else to add or tweak just a bit!

Since tomorrow is MLK day, I get to stay home with the kids.  I'm hopeful they will sleep in a bit - then we can go see Paddington Bear.  My 5-year-old asked me to take him, but I'm not sure how his 1-year-old sister will do.  We went to the movies several times when she was younger (and would sleep through the whole movie).  But I'd really like to try and see it- I think it would mean a lot to him.

My sisters (and our families) are planning on taking a much need whole family vacation (I have 3 sisters, two are married with 2 children each and the other is in a relationship, plus my dad - so we are talking about 15 people in one house).  I'm so looking forward to it (all of my family still lives in Kentucky, so being able to see them everyday for a week sounds great!), but need to find the perfect place!

Also, I am participating in a giveaway of Maryland sellers hosted by The Techie Turtle Teacher, OC Beach Teacher and First Grade Spies.

I donated to the Middle and High School Prize pack - its my Graphing Linear Equations Scavenger Hunt.  

Here is the rafflecopter to enter the give-away:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Ack!  I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I last blogged!  The holidays were a busy time in our household, and between working full time, being a mommy and wife, and preparing for Christmas, I totally slacked off in the everything-that-doesn't-absolutely-have-to-be-done department.  But I'm back, and I've got a few blog posts planned and I hope you learn something over the next few months:)

Today, I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio and The Sunday Scoop.

Things I HAVE to do:
I talk to my dad every weekend, and I've not talked to him yet today.  
I got much of the house clean yesterday, but I still need to sweep and mop.  The flu bug has hit our home hard this year - myself, my son, and my daughter all have had it within the past week and a half.  So I've been home all week (goodbye paid days off for the rest of the year...) and have been able to keep up with the laundry (woo-boo), and general cleaning (yeah!).  But sweeping and mopping have yet to be done.
I've been doing an App of the Month with my staff for the past two years, and it has really done well. I need to pick a new app to highlight and give a 30 minute PD for this month - any ideas?

Things I HOPE to do:
I've been working on a new product for TPT for a few weeks now (I've been working on it in my head for several months...), and I'd love to finish it up this week.  We're expecting ice in the morning, so I may get a snow day tomorrow to work on it?!?
My upstairs rarely gets used (my closet, bathroom, and a guest room are up there), so it ends up being a dumping ground for clothes and crafty stuff.  I've still not organized everything I got for Christmas and I honestly have not put away all of my summer clothes (please don't judge me:)).  I'd love to get this task completed:)

Thing I'm HAPPY to do:
I rented If I Stay, and I look forward to snuggling on the couch with my hubby and watching:)  Naptime can't come soon enough!

How is your week looking?