Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop Time

Hey there!  I hope everyone made it through what it was (to most of us) a very snowy week!

I'm linking up again with The Teaching Trio for their weekly Sunday Scoop.  Here's what I'm up to!


Of course, laundry and sweeping and mopping are at the top of my list...I've been so lazy on my housework today.  I met a friend for breakfast this morning, and didn't get home until late (due to several stops in very snowy weather!!!).  So, all I did around my house was about 3 loads of laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  It is my goal every weekend to clean (dust, sweep, mop, change sheets, clean bathroom, etc) the house.  Luckily, our snow day on Tuesday meant many of these things got done already this week, but I still like my house being clean:)

I've worked out everyday except Thursday and Saturday this week.  But this Daily Burn program requires us to workout 6 days per week!  So I really need to workout today (maybe twice!)!

I am the world's worst at renting movies at Redbox, forgetting that I have them, and never returning them.  Unfortunately, when you do this at Redbox, you end up paying upwards of $30.00 for 'owning' the movie.  We now own If I Stay, and I need to watch it.  Tomorrow will be a perfect day to do so:)

About 7 years ago, I went to a Creative Memories party and bought too.much.stuff.  I do love to scrapbook, but it is so hard with 2 littles running around everywhere.  Anywho...I bought this cutest mini-scrapbook set that I found about 6 months ago, and thought "This will be the perfect mini-scrapbook to document my daughter's first year of life!  I just need to put it aside right now, and get it out in a few months."  Well, the time is now, and I can't find the scrapbook! Arg!!!

I know maybe I shouldn't say this, but I'm kinda done with snow.  Here in Maryland, we've not been hit too hard this winter, and for that, I should be thankful!  However, this week, we only got 1 whole day and 2 half days of school due to snow/ice/below freezing temps.  Today we got about 6" of new snow (on top of what is already there), rather than the forecasted 1-3, so I'm kinda done.  Plus the fact that I slid and skidded my whole way home today...geesh!  I hate driving in snowy weather!!!

I hope you can take a few minutes to relax and enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Its Sunday!!!  Plus, we have off tomorrow for President's Day!!! Woo hoo:)  Although I'm thankful this has been a relatively mild winter so far (and thinking about all that snow in Boston - sheesh!), we have only had 1 'ice' day so far this year, so this break is much needed.  Here's my Sunday Scoop, thanks to the Teaching Trio!

Laundry, of course.  Who doesn't have laundry to do?

Meal planning is very important in my house.  I simply don't have time to think about what is for dinner every.single.night.  Let alone stop at the grocery store everyday to pick up stuff to cook (and we certainly can't afford to eat out every night).  So I plan my meals for the week (including breakfast, lunch and dinner), figure out what we need, and grocery shop on Sunday afternoon.  It works pretty well for us.

I've been doing really well getting up and working out with my husband before work most mornings (about 5 days per week).  I've subscribed to the Daily Burn, which is a website that has many different workout programs to choose from.  We are working on TrueBeginner, which is perfect for us!  I'm hoping at the end of these 8 weeks (3 weeks down, 5 more to go!), I will begin to see and feel a major difference:)

I ordered some pictures of my daughter's 1st year of life from the Walgreens app (from Instagram, so the pictures will be 4X4, so I'm interested to see how they turn out:))  I have a mini-scrapbook that I purchased at a Creative Memories scrapbooking party about 7 years ago (long before I had kids) and have never used it.  I'm hoping to spend today or Monday to create this mini-scrapbook!

I also want to create some 8X10 mini-posters with techy quotes to hang in my office.  This has been on my to-do list for quite a long we will see what happens.

Monday is our day off for President's day.  So, I have tentative plans to take my kids to meet one of my friends (she has kids too) to Port Discovery in Baltimore.  If things don't work out, we will probably just go to a movie.  Either way, it will be fun!

Okay, I'm off to see what everyone else is up to this Sunday!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Getting Videos off your iPad

Have you ever taken a video on your iPad of your class/kids/pets and really wanted that video on your computer?  This week, this became a real problem for one of our teachers! A guest speaker came in to talk to the class about immigration, and the presentation was video recorded with the iPad to be shared with classes later (so the guest speaker could go on about his day).
The teacher wanted to share this video with the classes, but Reflector wasn't working that day, and when we attached the iPad to the computer via a dongle, the volume wasn't loud enough.  My first thought was Dropbox, but we couldn't get that to work that day (there is an issue with our network).  So at first I started to panic, but Google came to my rescue:-)

Step 1: Connect iPad to your Mac computer via the charging cord (with the 30 pin or lightning adapter on one end (depending on the model of your iPad) and a USB connection on the other.

Step 2: Open Image Capture on your computer.  Your iPad will prompt you to "Trust' or "Don't Trust" your computer (you will need to "Trust" to complete the rest of the steps.)  Click on the pictures and videos you want to import.  Choose where you want to save the pictures (Desktop, Documents, etc.)  Then click Import.

Step 3: Enjoy your newly imported pictures and videos!

This is a great way to import pictures and videos into your favorite editing software (Photoshop, iMovie) from the iPad, particularly if you don't want to sync your iCloud across everything (and use up all that precious space.  This also works great in a school setting, when network issues keeps you from doing many of the things you usually do on your personal computers.

Have you ever struggled to work with videos on the iPad?