Saturday, February 14, 2015

Getting Videos off your iPad

Have you ever taken a video on your iPad of your class/kids/pets and really wanted that video on your computer?  This week, this became a real problem for one of our teachers! A guest speaker came in to talk to the class about immigration, and the presentation was video recorded with the iPad to be shared with classes later (so the guest speaker could go on about his day).
The teacher wanted to share this video with the classes, but Reflector wasn't working that day, and when we attached the iPad to the computer via a dongle, the volume wasn't loud enough.  My first thought was Dropbox, but we couldn't get that to work that day (there is an issue with our network).  So at first I started to panic, but Google came to my rescue:-)

Step 1: Connect iPad to your Mac computer via the charging cord (with the 30 pin or lightning adapter on one end (depending on the model of your iPad) and a USB connection on the other.

Step 2: Open Image Capture on your computer.  Your iPad will prompt you to "Trust' or "Don't Trust" your computer (you will need to "Trust" to complete the rest of the steps.)  Click on the pictures and videos you want to import.  Choose where you want to save the pictures (Desktop, Documents, etc.)  Then click Import.

Step 3: Enjoy your newly imported pictures and videos!

This is a great way to import pictures and videos into your favorite editing software (Photoshop, iMovie) from the iPad, particularly if you don't want to sync your iCloud across everything (and use up all that precious space.  This also works great in a school setting, when network issues keeps you from doing many of the things you usually do on your personal computers.

Have you ever struggled to work with videos on the iPad?  

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  1. Thanks, Stephanie!! I didn't know you could image capture a whole video! Great tip!
    Grade 4 Buzz