Sunday, March 23, 2014

Avatars, Tellagami, and Vokis

Last year, when I was teaching written expression, I used to create avatars to introduce new topics to my students. Come on...learning about prepositional phrases is a little more interesting when heard from a cartoon character!

My students loved them, and soon I began incorporating them into my lessons regularly. My students would work really hard brainstorming and writing paragraphs knowing they would be able to create their own character and share with the class.  Here is an example of a voki one of my students created about why she loves homework so much (seriously, this kid LOVED homework).

I really liked Voki, but sometimes all of my (4) computers were in use, and I had 8 iPads and needed a way to do something similar with an app.  That's where Tellagami comes in!  Tellagami is a FREE app that allows students to customize an avatar (knowns as a Gami) and background, then either type in up to 440 characters or record their voice to create a short video.  I like it because the app will store the video in your pictures/video on the iPad, as well as creates a website specifically for that video.  Therefore, you could create a QR code for students or parents to scan and view the video.

Here is a voki I created for a science class to use this week on acids and bases:

Acids and Bases Gami

There are so many uses for these awesome characters!  I'm excited to continue exploring!Have you guys used any of these programs?  Is there another one I am missing?

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