Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Scoop

Hi there!  I'm linking up today with The Teaching Tribune for their Sunday Scoop!  I love this linky because it is quick, easy, and lets me be nosey (yeah, I'm a bit nosey...I just love seeing what everyone is up to!)

Since its Sunday, I think everyone has laundry to do.  I've been pretty good about doing a load every day during the week.  It certainly helps, but I always have the hardest time with that last load (and letting it sit on the couch for a day...or two).
We are rolling out a new progress report website (since our school year begins in July, it is already toward the end of our first quarter).  Tomorrow, I need to make sure it works for each of our teachers, and if when it doesn't, I need to figure out why.  There's already a couple of people who told me it isn't working, so I am hoping I just need to do some simple updates on their computers!
My family is taking a much needed long weekend to the mountains!  We didn't get a proper vacation this summer, so Thursday-Sunday, we will be re-connecting with nature and each other.  I'm so excited!

I have most of a new TPT product finished, I just need to get it posted.  Hopefully, I can make that happen this week.
My poor dog needs a haircut.  I really hope to cut it before we leave for our trip.  

My favorite time of the day is at night, when I'm snuggling with my kids.  I always read stories to my son (and sometimes my daughter, but sometimes she falls asleep too early) before bed.  I look forward to this simple, quiet time everyday.  

I hope you all have a great week!  


  1. Kid snuggles are the best! I think the moments right before bed and the moments right after they wake up are the sweetest of the day. Enjoy your kiddos and have a great week!


    1. Neither of my kids like to get up in the morning (not even my 9 month old!), so I much prefer the sweetness of the evening snuggles!

  2. Laundry is on my list too :( Enjoy your vacation!

    Literacy Spark

  3. I am definitely with you on the snuggling with babies part! My little man is 6 months and just started crawling - ah! Happy for him but want him to stay little too!
    I also have laundry on my list... and it didn't get all done yesterday!

    Mrs. Green's Scene

    1. I read a quote the other day, 'When it comes to children, the days are long, but the years are short." So true! My daughter has been crawling for a couple of months, and I'm really sad about how big she is getting too:)