Sunday, November 2, 2014


Can you believe its November already?  Seeing as October is my favorite month, I'm a little sad to see November come so quickly (goodbye birthday, goodbye Big D's birthday, goodbye Halloween:(). But, its here, so let's embrace it!

My daughter is 10 months old, and she is finding her voice.  She is constantly yelling and laughing.  It is so funny to hear her 'talk'. Especially because she is driving her big brother crazy:)  But I love it, and I know that I will miss it when she starts to actually talk.

The weather is cooler (temps tonight are nearing 34 degrees!).  The days are also cooler, and I'm loving wearing my boots, scarves, and cozy sweaters.

I'm presenting at the Powering Up With Technology Conference on Saturday in PG county.  I'm excited to be talking to fellow teachers about using Tellagami, Thinglink, Google Forms, and Padlet to infuse some fun into lesson planning.  But, I need to get my presentation finished, so I can get everything uploaded to the website.  Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Dinner - who wants to cook?  Nobody.  Who wants to eat?  Everyone!

My kids are growing so fast, and so are my nieces and nephews!  My adorable niece turns 3 today and I can hardly believe it!  I miss my family back home in Kentucky so much - I wish life would just slow down so we can appreciate it for a minute!

I just picked up Gone Girl today and I can't wait to start reading it.  Hopefully I can get it read by the time the movie comes out to Redbox (or at least when I can rent it from OnDemand).  I'd love to see the movie in the theater (I hear its AWESOME), but I can never find a babysitter to watch the kids.


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    1. Girl, I hear you! Life is moving way too fast and I don't have time to cook or do dishes! :) Have a great night!
      Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. You will have to post a review to tell us what you think of Gone Girl! I was incredulous at the storyline but didn't connect with the characters. {That happened to me with all the novels of hers I've read so far, actually.} The movie was, I think, the only book-turned-movie that I've actually liked and thought was pretty close to the book, so it's a must see...after you finish reading. ;)

    ~ Candice from Innovate. Motivate. Educate.

  3. OMG!!! I have heard so many great things about Gone Girl!! yes, I agree with the above comment…you have to do a review when you finish! My mom raves about that book :) I always want someone to cook my dinner and prepare my next day's lunch for me too :)

    This Little Ladybug