Thursday, April 24, 2014

Google Drive - I didn't know it could do that!!!

Yesterday, while working on my Google Drive presentation for Friday, I noticed Google Drive Forms will allow you to embed a video (from YouTube) into your form, then add questions about the video below it!  WOWZA!  If anyone else is already doing this, kudos to you:)  Earlier this year, my school was visited by the creator of a website called Educannon, which allows you to insert questions into YouTube videos (the video literally stops and asks you to answer a questions before continuing).  This is a really cool concept, but it was difficult for my teachers to actually insert the questions exactly where they wanted the video to stop (plus, it was taking literally hours to complete just one video/quiz, and time is something teachers don't have an abundance of!).  So imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed you can add video to your Google Forms!  Here's how:

Open up your Google Drive (this can be done on your iPad app or on the computer, but I prefer the computer because it gives you more options).

 Create your form:

Click the Add Item button (click on the triangle to get to these options.  If you click just Add Item, it will default to the last thing you added) and choose video. 

Type in your topic into the search bar and browse through the videos.  You can view them before making your selection by clicking the play button (triangle) right on the video.

Give your video a title, add your questions, and enjoy!

I prefer to share my videos using a QR code.  I simply copy and paste the URL into and it automatically generates a code.  Students can scan the code using an iPad or SmartPhone.  You could also link it to classroom websites so students could access for a 'flipped' learning experience.  The options are endless!  

I'm so excited about sharing this with the staff tomorrow!  I know they will be thrilled to learn a fairly easy way to differentiate instruction and allow students to move at their own pace.  Watching a video like this allows each individual student to have control over pausing, stopping and rewinding a movie so they get as much as possible out of it:)

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