Wednesday, May 7, 2014

App-tastic Explorations in STEAM

Our school has been implementing a STEAM initiative for about 3 years now.  Rather than a traditional science fair, our school last year started creating a STEAM fair, to include Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to the fair.  All of the teachers of these subjects were invited to submit projects to the fair.  It was a smashing success.  However, many of the teachers (myself included) neglected the technology part of the fair (I did have my students create tessellating patterns using paper and pencil) however, in retrospect, I should have had a technology aspect to it.
This year, we have decided to have an "App-tastic Explorations in STEAM" fair.  All of the teachers are going to be using iPads to display projects they have been using in class.  I have been working closely with our science teacher to use a few different apps with her students in preparation for the fair.

Some students are going to be using Thinglink to explain the water cycle.  They are going to find a picture, then include links and explanations about condensation, evaporation, and precipitation.

Another group of students are using PicCollage to demonstrate the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources.  

The last group of students is using the Tellagami app on the iPad.  I am hoping once they get the avatars created, they will do a little app smashing (using multiple apps on the iPad to create a project) and use Thinglink to link their Gami's!

I'm planning on taking lots of pictures on Friday and sharing some of the app-tastic explorations with you!


  1. I just found your blog! I love all of the technology ideas! I teach 1st grade & only have 3 days left with students, but will be moving to 2nd grade next year and want to incorporate more technology with my students. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome! I'm so glad you found my blog! I love sharing technology ideas:) Hopefully you will find some you can use:)