Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer - here I come!

Today makes Day 1 of my 21 day summer break (staff goes back August 20, students August 22).  This is my first summer with 2 kids, so I really want it to be not only fun for them, but productive for me.  When I had my last break (of only a week), I think I planned on doing too much!  Here was my list (with updates of what actually got done).

1. Craft a wreath for my front door (I've seen so many cute ones on pinterest and Monday Made-It!) - didn't happen!  I would like to still do this, but my hubby and I picked out a new front door, and it really wouldn't look right with a wreath (the window is quite big).
2. Print pictures for scrapbooks (I have lots of t-ball pics and pics from a recent trip to KY) - I actually did that.  But now I have more pictures to print.  I see a trip to Walgreens in my future (did you know that you can use the Walgreens app to print pictures right from your phone?!? - awesome!)
3. Start scrapbook for Little D (when her brother was this age, I already had made 3 scrapbooks for him - I've got to get on the ball!) - I didn't get this done either, but I'm really planning on this for this break.  I've even got the most amazing idea to load up some of the short clips I've taken of her crawling, playing, laughing, etc. and creating QR codes to put in the scrapbook of the videos!
4. Make t-ball pages for Big D's scrapbook. - Yeah, this is happening today!
5. Find a piece of furniture to re-finish for our living room (I need some sort of something for right next to the front door). - I looked and looked, but nothing was perfect.  Now, my hubby wants me to find a nice end table for our couch (and I need some storage for a basket underneath for toys for Baby D).  There is a new consignment store that opened up really close to my house, and there is a Salvation Army pretty close too.  I'm hoping to look around today and see what I can find.
6. Create and post at least 1 new product to TPT. - I need to finish up some things up, and update some older products.  
7. Get and start using Photoshop (I went to a training last week, and I REALLY want it!!!) - I downloaded the Photoshop CC trial, and it is so complex!  There is so much involved in it, and to really learn how to use it, would take a lot of time.  So, baby steps...
8. Get my house clean - really clean.  I always try to keep everything tidy, but I want to deep clean! - I did do this.  Pulled out the couch and stove and refrigerator.  Organized the clothes the kids have grown out of.  It was much cleaner, and now it needs to happen again:(
9. Work out everyday - I really need to get back on the working out wagon.  I feel much better when I at least spend 20-30 minutes on the elliptical every day, but it is so easy to just not do it! - I fell off the wagon.  My in-laws came to visit, and I didn't workout for 4 days, then I just didn't do it again.  But I will.  I'm signed up for Daily Burn, and plan to use it 4 days per week while I'm off work!

I want to make a new list, but looking at all the things that didn't get done, makes me a little weary.  But, here we go

1. Do something fun with the kids at least 3 days per week.  I hope we get to Dutch Wonderland sometime.  I'm planning a trip to the beach for a few days with my parents.  But I also want to go to the park, movies, etc.
2. Clean out the attic.  Its gotten ridiculous up there.  Seriously, we have lived here for less than 4 years, and our attic is overflowing!  There is so much to go through and get rid of.  Especially my teacher stuff.  When I left my teaching position last summer, I put EVERYTHING into my attic.  Books, folders, baskets and bins.  I think that I will end up back in the classroom, but when I do, I will probably want to make new stuff.
3. Organize some of our cabinets.  My awesome hubby created some terrific storage in the laundry room, and I've totally let it go.  It needs to be sorted out.  Big time!

Okay, I think that is enough.  Hopefully I'll be more productive this time:)

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