Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I Got (at the TPT sale)!

I'm linking up with Bloghopin' for their "Show Us What You Bought" Linky.

TPT has a site-wide sale 4 times every year, and I usually buy some clipart and backgrounds for my products, and this sale wasn't any different:)

The first thing I bought was this Kindergarden Ready Pack.

My son is going to be 5 in October, but since his birthday is so late, he won't be able to go to Kindergarden until next fall.  In the mean time, we are going to be working on all of those skills needed to be successful (letters, numbers, sounds, etc.) so when he gets to Kindergarden, he will be ready:)

I was looking for some new fonts and fell in love with Font Fun! by Cara Caroll.

I love all of the fun fonts and can't wait to use them on some products (and some labels around my house!).

I also love clipart, and I generally buy something from Lovin Lit every sale, so here is what I bought from her:

Seller's Toolkit  #3 has a great selection of papers, and frames (and I love the chalkboard theme!)  I bought Bundle #2 during the last sale and have used it tons!

Loopy Doodle Frames will be great for dressing up some products:)

Last, but not least, I bought some Rainbow Scrappy Kids and Scrappy iPad Kids from Graphics from the Pond.  I bought the Summer Scrappy Kids during the last sale and loved it!

By the way, I broke even at 11:00p.m.:)  I always try to make more money than I spend at these quarterly sales. I usually don't make much, but I do think it is harder to be successful at the middle school level than at the elementary/clipart level.

I can wait to see what everyone else bought!

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